david weiss , Founder

Product Manager, Business Developer

New York, New York, US

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Product Management

About david

I am a product manager and business development professional in NYC. I also have very strong ties to the private equity/VC industry, with many years of experience in that space.

I am currently working on building the ecommerce platform helping business professionals act on real time events in their network (someone gets promoted, changes jobs, has a baby, gets married, you close a deal, get a business referral, it's administration professionals day or the holidays).

We're essentially replacing mom and pop gifting businesses with current market technology in a niche that hasn't been revamped since the 90's. This is a real, proven business segment that is overlooked. See more information below.

I've put significant capital in the business and looking to go into beta soon. www.simplysent.com

Looking for a technical co-founder:

1) Strong preference on building a lean team, where people can carry their own weight

2) Positive attitude and persistence

3) Willing to work part time with zero pay until the business ramps

I'm willing to cover the majority of operational expenses


The concept is simple - people spend the majority of their lives working and know that building their relationships is the key to a successful career. Unfortunately, developing these relationships among dozens or hundreds of contacts is difficult and draining.

If an important holiday or occasion happens to someone in your network, no one has 2 hours to drive to wine store, find the right bottle and figure out if you should be sending it to their home or work.

With the rapid adoption of LinkedIn and CRM systems, it’s now possible to combine real-time business updates, marketplace technology, and existing contact systems to help people be more thoughtful. So if someone gets promoted, changes jobs, has a baby, gets married, you close a deal, get a business referral, it's administration professionals day or the holidays, we help you easily act on these events by sending wine, gourmet foods or baby clothes.

To solve this need, we help people connect to a marketplace of specialty retailers and small batch wineries, have an in-house sommelier helping you chose the right type of wine, provide high-end ecards and give users access their existing contacts from LinkedIn or their CRM system (salesforce, highrise, gmail and many other system integrations). The site also has a dashboard feed of Calendar events, LinkedIn updates and CRM leads/deal closings so you never forget an important event for people in your network.

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