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About Joshua

My name is Josh and I am looking for a technical co-founder. My passion is communication - how we cooperate, how we form bonds, and, most importantly for this project, how we use digital tools (e.g. messaging) to facilitate these interactions.

Communication between people is as much about doing things together as it is about talking. Spending a couple hours having a meal or playing a board game with some friends gives me a deeper connection to them than any number of texts, or GIFs, or snaps possibly ever could. That is not to say that messaging doesn't serve a valuable purpose. It allows us to keep in touch with a greater number of people regardless of time and distance. The problem, however, is that companies have only given us the ability to talk, whether through text, or snaps, or video chat, not the ability to truly share experiences.

This is the problem (and opportunity) I am addressing - digital communication that's not just talking, but actually doing things together in real time. This is not a cheap chat app clone or a Second Life inspired virtual world. The feature base is designed to promote bite-sized one-on-one interactions in real time between friends, family and loved ones that deepen bonds instead of just sustaining them.

This project began in January, 2015, and development started in August/September of the same. Currently, I have a working prototype that is undergoing some initial user testing, but the features list is still very much open to change (in fact, based off the feedback I've already received, this fine-tuning has already begun). I have put in a lot of time and a good portion of my own savings to get this far, and believe I've now reached a point where I can sufficiently convey the scope of the idea and my commitment to seeing it through.

My ideal co-founder is someone who knows what it's like to live far away from their friends or loved ones and schedule a Skype call, or coordinate pressing play for the newest episode of "The 100" at the exact same time. S/he thinks asynchronous texting and snaps are a bit shallow. S/he wishes s/he could maintain deeper connections with the people s/he doesn't get to see that often. S/he is determined to first find the answers to her/his questions by her/himself. S/he can admit what s/he doesn't know. S/he cares as much about the why as s/he does the how. S/he has solid experience working in mobile (iOS). S/he has experience managing small technical teams. S/he believes in a life outside of work.

If you're interested in discussing the project in more detail, I am more than happy to answer your questions and start a conversation. I look forward to hearing from you.


- Josh

Product Management
Managing People

Tufts University

International Relations

2012 - 2012