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About Karen

Hey, I'm Karen, my background is in marketing and business development, and right now I'm a grad student at School of Visual Arts (SVA) where I'm studying interaction design.

I have a concept that I started in my Strategy in Products and Service Design class and after more research and potential user interviews, I think it's highly worth pursuing. The concept is to streamline Travel planning and create a new and better way to create itineraries.

My role in this is the CEO and Chief Product/Design Lead and what I'm looking for is someone who enjoys being creative (you don't have to be a designer/UI person) but you should probably know what design thinking is and understand how that contributes to the development of a startup. Your role would be the CFO, leading the Financial/Analytics/Research aspect and maybe some other things like helping with biz dev/communications/etc. but at this point it's still pretty small and if it gets to that point, I'd bring someone else on to handle that. This would be an equity position and will probably involve a few meetings a month to keep things moving. There's some cost analysis, projection of how much the startup could make in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd year (or maybe nothing at all in the 1st yr), pricing and revenue model, profit/loss, all of which I could help on as well if you need the information or someone to talk things through.

Let's talk if you've ever found trip planning to be frustrating and time-consuming, and want to make a change!



School of Visual Arts

Interaction Design MFA

2014 - 2014