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Startup Experience

First time founder

About David

The Idea

We are super excited about a way that we think we can make social networks more effective. No, we are NOT planning on inventing another social network targeted at some niche audience. BUT, how would you like to leverage existing social network platforms to create an application that solves REAL problems in daily life? Call it Social 2.0 if you want. We’re not big on fancy names for academic concepts, since we’re more of the “just do it” (and iterate) variety of folk. But whatever this is called, you can count on breaking some serious new ground.

We look forward to telling you more when we talk.

The Team

We’re both former military guys who went on to get their MBAs. One Marine, one SOCOM. Both of us know hard work, focus on the end goal, team play, and business.

One of us (the half Indian – yeah, we exist) worked at a hypergrowth e-commerce company, managing web and merchant operations in addition to working with devs, data gurus, and product managers. He despises bureaucracy, micromanagement, and inertia. He likes writing rock music, reading dead authors, and German pilseners.

The other one (the Asian) went down the path of electrical engineering before realizing he isn’t that smart. He’s since taken up surfing in middle age to complement his yoga practice as he works on achieving that “zen” state where material things no longer matter to him. Until then, he remains a food snob who plans his vacations based on what type of street meat will be available.

Both of us worked (or still are) as traders at an investment bank after business school until we realized that we could be solving bigger problems. Bottom line, though, is that we know what it means to take risk and seize opportunity.

We’re at an early stage. But anyone who doesn’t see our youth and varied experiences as a good thing need not apply. We’ve scoped out what problem we want to and can solve (at least for now), and we have a number of small (virtual) explorations we want to go on with you.

The Role

You’ll be a founding partner who’s in charge of executing the tech side of things from Day 1. We’re looking for someone who knows their stuff but who also desires to be part of our strategic ideation and practical experimentation on a daily basis.


• You have years of building and deploying web applications. We hate to create a checklist of what we want, you can be a freshman with an undeclared major with a 2.0 gpa for all we care. But if you know your way around creating some cool stuff, we want to hear from you.
• Exposure to working with both the back-end and the front-end is crucial.
• Ability to work effectively in a geographically-distributed team using online collaboration tools
• Detail-oriented mindset when it comes to designing, coding and testing
• Basic understanding of Test Driven Development and understanding of scaling
• Creativity and passion for the user

Managing People
Product Management

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill


2010 - 2010

University of Texas at Austin

electrical engineering

2004 - 2004