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About Gaurav

We are a recently established start-up in the Big Data and Analytics space, and already have our first client. Currently we are a three member team - two senior partners (each with a few decades of experience in relevant fields) and one employee. We are looking for another member to expand team, build/lead part of organization and grow with us. We do not need any investment (though if you do put in something upfront, that will be welcome). Our compensation will comprise of regular salary along with equity grant.

You should have spent 3-4 years in consumer analytics space, preferably (not necessary) in financial services, have a strong work ethic, client services orientation and should be a critical thinker. And above all should be aligned with our vision and bring your commitment and diligence.

We have recently moved into our own offices in the NY/NJ area and need someone full-time working with the team - majority of the time in the same physical location.