Joe Astill , Founder

Business Developer

New York, New York, US

Joe is looking for someone to join him/her

Business stage

Idea phase

Business plan mapped out

Minimum viable product built

Paying customers

Joe is looking for a founder who

Has expertise as

Programmer Designer Engineer

Can commit to working

30 hours per week

Is able to invest

Sweat equity only

Relevant industries

Human Resources Consulting Finance


Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Joe

By quick background, I’ve been headhunting senior bankers for over 15 years. I set up my own firm in 2013 to continue headhunting senior bankers - with clients such as Wells Fargo, JP Morgan, BNP, etc.

While doing this, I have also set up another company called AstilLink. The basic idea of AstilLink is a dating website for recruitment. To date, I have an MVP (, a number of candidates in the system and some clients who are making the right noises, although I have yet to take it to market. It includes a few other things to help it stand out from similar sites - happy to explain in person.

I’m now looking for a partner / Co-Founder / Tech person to work with me to take this to the next level, including mobile friendly, taking to market, raising funds and working with me to build a team.

My Skill Set:

- idea generation
- product and people mngt
- team leadership
- sales & client service
- business mngt
- lead / revenue generation
- industry contacts to take to market - including International

What I’m looking for / don’t have:

- tech / coding skills (Javascript & Angular.js currently)
- either able to, or understand concept of, creating something mobile friendly
- UX/UI understanding
- web design skills
- idea generation - I want to bounce ideas and get feedback vs someone who expects to just be told what to do
- energy / hard work / willingness to succeed
- longevity
- ability to look for the solution vs focus on the problem (you’d think this was obvious, but not at all)
- entrepreneur, self starter and not require micro mngt

I’m not necessarily looking for someone to manage a team, but if they do have mngt skills, that would be a bonus (similarly someone who has previously raised Angel funds).

I want someone to work and partner with me in what could be a very lucrative venture.

Managing People
Product Management

University of Northumbria

BSc Biomedical Science

- 1998