Brian Hastings MBA, CM&AA , Adviser

Business Development, Finance, Fundraising, Operations

New York, New York, US

Brian is looking to advise a startup

About Brian

Adviser experience

Engaged in advising 20 businesses over 4 years

Startup experience

2 startups founded , 2 startups operated , 3 years operating startups

Relevant industries

Technology Consulting Finance


Business Development Finance Fundraising Operations

Key accomplishments

Been a part of four exits and numerous rounds of funding; am a Certified M&A Advisor


About Brian

We supply Part-time CFO services to technology and business services companies to take them to the next level, prepare them for obtaining funding or assist with the sale of the company. Companies usually seek us out when the CEOs do not know or understand their #s, financial metrics or KPIs; they are seeing flat Revenue; Revenue is increasing but they are having cash flow issues; or require assistance with strategy or funding to get to the next level and clients usually range in size from $0m to $10-12m in Revenue


LaSalle University


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