Nhi Ha nguyen

Hanoi, Vietnam

innovative with multilingual B2B website
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Business Development

About Nhi Ha

We are B2B business. it is basically a multilingual website business platform but it is innovative, unique and very difference with all others B2B website. Ecizi.com is a multilingual B2B e-commerce website using human translators and especially that all information of multiple local languages is in only 1 URL. Data posted in 1 language can be easily searched by users of any other languages.
Currently, our system has been designed to run very successfully with multilingual in 1 URL and advanced functions with huge data storage capacities, filtered searches (Data posted in 1 language can be easily searched by users of any other languages) ... We have invested a very significant money of 500K USD in the hardware’s (severs), resources to build up the website. It is so glad that system has proved of stable, flexible and can working very well with millions of companies & offers data upon completion of system testing.
At this stages we are running out of funds and are facing with marketing and commercial techniques to bring ECIZI.com to the entrepreneurs and we are looking for a professional partner to create long term business relationship, invest fund and launch the website to entrepreneurs, maximize business opportunities.