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I'm a fresh graduate from Environmental Studies (NUS), I guess that's the first thing you need to know about me. Just got married in 2015, and this is my second startup but my first all-in one (the family clock is ticking!).

My skill set is odd: (1) business development (main), and (2) hacking electronics and software (serious hobby, but still learning). I'm confident making product pitches and have done so many times. I've also led groups of different kinds and am a very people-oriented person, preferring to work WITH another person. That also means I expect a lot from the person who I'm working with. I'm looking for "A-team" players.

The hardware company I started in October 2015 serves a niche market (people who keep a personal diary, columnists, personal bloggers, students who take notes, fiction writers). It's called Flowriter ( My main focus right now is writing content to build the right community passionate about the idea. I've just graduated from the Founder Institute (SG chapter) idea-stage accelerator programme after 3.5 months, and I've already done the market validation and have hacked a rough prototype and made multiple 3D renders of the (initial) product.

My ideal co-founder is... wow, this is like asking me to describe my ideal wife (I didn't know it until I married her!). Anyway, he/she would be:
- Passionate about the idea and the problem it is going to solve.
- Committed to working long hours to make the idea come to life. (I will be there with you all throughout!)
- Have a full-stack skill set. (The technical level of the product is quite low, but full-stack is important because I'm an amateur when it comes to programming.)


National University of Singapore

Environmental Studies (Liberal arts)

2015 - 2015


Founder Institute

Co-working Space


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