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In todays' data-driven world having access to the right data at the right time is critical to success, but just as critical is how you look at and use your data. The problem with big data is that for every company who claims to have it, for the most part it's not being put to good use. The solution is to structure the data correctly from multiple sources and very VERY few know how to... I do!

With my methodology I can tell you what your most valuable pieces of content are (web, emails, 3rd party sources, and lots more), what's negatively impacting your ability to get more sales or close more deals, and even identify hidden talent within your organization.

I want to take the highly successful methodology I've developed over the years and build a platform that is predictive in nature and automatically spots possibilities AND problems in your opportunity cycle allowing you to fine tune your organization from 360 degrees of data and more by providing ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS.

I am a dedicated data junkie and digital marketer who just happens to have a strong sales background. I love problem solving and how to figure out, optimize and maximize opportunity. I'm also a talented speaker and person who can help visualize the end game and "the why".

I'm looking for someone who has a great understanding of software development cycles, big data, great exposure to analytics and exposure to statistical analysis. If this even remotely sounds like you, or at least 2 of the 4, please send me a message and I'll make the time to speak with you.


You can go fast alone or further together - Unknown


Sheridan College


2001 - 2001