Nicholas Hatter

Cambridge, United Kingdom

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Product Management

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First time founder

About Nicholas

I'm a full-time technical CEO with a first-class degree in BSc (Hons) Computer Science. I'm young and full of energy. Lots and lots of energy. People tend to love my pitches as I engage everyone and I try to make them memorable!

Since I was 13 years old I've LOVED developing games - call it a misspent youth - but it means that now at the age of 22 I'm the proud CEO and founder of giftgaming ( an in-game ad service that allows brands to build brand loyalty by giving players free in-game items to help their game progression.

We're a startup supported by Accelerate Cambridge, Cambridge Judge Business School ( We have a trademark pending and patent pending, as well as a substantial prototype, which isn't far off from a private beta.

I want giftgaming to be a world leader and the number one choice for game developers who want to monetise their games with advertising.

My ideal business partner, best friend and cofounder will also have a love for games, understand that gaming isn't just for teenage boys or men, and has worked with brands, adtechs or ad agencies. Someone who can "dance in the rain" and stay strong in hard times are essential qualities; a startup is an emotional rollercoaster. Their main duty will be to convince global brands and game companies to sign up to giftgaming as trial partners and later, as clients.

I've made a lot of sacrifices for my startup so far. I want someone who is as hard-working and dedicated as me and together, with Accelerate Cambridge's help, will make this a successful venture! Someone willing to work for sweat equity (with vesting period) please. And again, a love of and understanding of games is key!


University of Southampton

BSc (Hons) Computer Sciences

2012 - 2012


Accelerate Cambridge