Nicholas James

San Francisco, California, US

Nicholas's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Nicholas

Coding House is a Software BootCamp. Last year there were 35 BootCamp's in the country, this year there are over 100. We have mentors and instructors that are thought leaders, Keynote speakers and award-winning published authors when it comes to computer programming. Some of our partners include AT&T offering scholarships to our program.

What were looking for:
- A CEO to take us to the next level; to scale to a larger facility and/or multiple locations.
- Preferably somebody with leadership experience (doesn't have to be direct educational experience)
- Somebody who is passionate about taking us to eight figures

Will depend on roles, responsibilities and experience.

This sounds interesting to you please email me.




Our competitive advantages
- The "Only Live-In Boot Camp”
- Full Stack JavaScript front to back
- 60 Days full immersion program
- All Inclusive (no cooking, cleaning or driving)
- Job Placement Assistance’s
- 100% Money Back Guarantee + $1000
- We focus on teaching people to be self reliant

Make a difference
We are teaching people skills that matter. We are fixing a broken education system process by building outstanding curriculum that can be taught in months as opposed to years. Our solution will help many young people become better software developers in a shorter amount of time. The students will thank you for making archaic process suck 1000 times less. Your work will matter.

Coding House is an full immersion crash course in software development where all distractions are muted. We have a full immersion and nights and weekends program. We bring in the best breed of software developers in Silicon Valley to guide and instruct the students. Our goal is to mentor 1000 strong full stack developers over the next 5 years through interactive hands-on training.

Work with talented people to tackle big problems. Our team is continuously pushing out instruction material and innovative processes. We brainstorm nonstop, work hard together and laugh a lot. This is a team that you'll be excited to work with everyday. Flat team structure, we work together and you have influence over what we build and teach.