Nicholas Rizzo

Revere, Massachusetts, US

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A 25 year old with an education in Biology, experience in various leadership roles, 3 years of experience in laboratory research at Emmanuel College and Brigham & Women's/Harvard Medical, and 4 years of teaching high school Biology.

Having worked in the supplement industry for several years it was infuriating for myself to sit and watch companies produce products every two months with no real scientific evidence to support it but all of the hype and marketing necessary to rob consumers of their hard earned money. Starting off at Nimbus Nutrition in a company rep position, working up to running all of research & development, and as of recently, becoming the owner. As an individual and as a company we operate off of the believes and passion we operate openly, honestly, and genuine in our efforts to do what ever we can to help our customers achieve their goals, overcome obstacles, and become the best version of themselves they can!


If you want to have more, you have to become more. For things to change, you have to change. For things to get better, you have to get better. For things to improve, you have to improve. If you grow, everything grows for you. - Jim Rohn

Work Experience

Extracurricular positions (Listed in description)

Emmanuel College

September 2009 - May 2013

Orientation Leader (1 of 26 for Sophomore and Junior Year) First Generation College Student Mentor (Junior Year) Biology Tutor (Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Year) Organic Chemistry Tutor (Junior & Senior Year) Biology TA (Junior year) Biology Lab Assistant (Junior Year) Game Room Manager (Junior Year)

Biology Research

Emmaunel College

June 2010 - August 2012

Conducted Biology research over the summers full time and part time throughout the school year under Paul M. March. Our lab was focused on elucidating new drug targets in bacteria in order to develop a new class of antibiotics.

Vascular Biology Research

Brigham & Women's / Harvard Medical

August 2012 - May 2013

Working in the Luscinskas lab I was tasked with developing a library of virus strains that we could utilize to lentivirally deliver siRNA to cells that would knockdown levels of important key proteins in the inflammation pathway to study the effects on the inflammation process.

Owner (Formally Representative & Head of R&D)

Nimbus Nutrition

August 2012 - Today

At Nimbus Nutrition I bring a high level of background knowledge from the industry in previous roles and as a highly involved consumer. My educational background in the sciences allows me to develop innovative and highly effective products that can help our customers push themselves to new heights, life a healthier life styles, or overcome an obstacle that is holding them back. My leadership background allows me to manage a team of part time employees who with limited time work in a highly effective and collaborative manner while still being able to have a voice in directing the company in the best direction. Our passion as #TeamNimbus allows us to deliver amazing products that are safe & scientifically backed as well as content that helps the whole consumer.

High School Biology Teacher - 9th Grade

Revere Public Schools

August 2013 - June 2017


Emmanuel College

Major in Biology

2009 - 2013