Nicholas Sheriff Jr

San Francisco, California, US

Nicholas's Skills
Product Management
User Experience
Business Development

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About Nicholas

I've been a ui/ux architect for the past 10 years, I've launched 2 startups, one had an exist in my teens, I'm a cancer survivor, which prompted me to get into mobile development...I do have 6 years as a full stack developer. So I'm very technical although I desire to be focused on more of the product development side of things.

I've ran a design & consulting firm for the past few years and have worked with major fortune 500 companies.

More recently I founded Medic Ventures, which has produced several Apple featured applications utilizing computer vision and deep learning to empower everyday people to do exciting things with the computing power around them.

Our latest product Mathew is the #1 educational app in the entire world. Over 1,500,000 scans in just 4 weeks and we're profitable. Looking at a MRR of $350,000