Indianapolis, Indiana, US

Nick's Skills
Product Management

About Nick

I am currently just looking into what CoFoundersLab is all about, and what is out there. Feel free to contact me. Most of my experience is in web, software, and app development. I have experience advising start ups and small businesses easing their pains, increase profitability, and how to move forward to meet their goals, and for medium and large businesses for specific projects.

Every situation I have been a part of, I have excelled at motivating people, and keeping them motivated. Even when you come to a roadblock, there is progress to be made. The first start up I was a part of, I had to jump in and do sales for a bit, bad idea at the time by the way. Since then I have learned how to obtain clients, and it always comes down to not selling what you are offering, but helping them, ideally with your product and/or service. If they are not the right fit, and you can point them in the right direction, awesome, do it. We all have to help each other out, even if we can't benefit each other directly.

Always lean into what you are doing and good luck!