Nick DuBois, J.D., M.B.A.

San Francisco, California, US

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Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Nick

I am a fixer and maker at heart. The more challenging the problem / task, the more interested I become at finding a solution and completing it. I consider life to be one long challenge within which we must constantly study our environment, learn from it and evolve to meet changing demands. My love of new experiences and tough challenges has led me down different paths and I have accumulated a broad scope of skills and experience. Friends and classmates have called everything from Mr. fix it to a jack-of-all-trades, to a polymath (a term I admittedly had to look up, but a title I aspire to earn in life). I love bringing ideas to life and I have even built a well-equipped machine shop in my garage where I tinker. One motto I live by is: If you want something, waiting for someone else to do–or create–it will get you nowhere; So get up and do it yourself. I am not an engineer by training, I am almost exclusively self taught from books and just experimenting; but I have accumulated experience with CAD, CAM and various design and machining programs.

My love of challenges and ever evolving problem sets has also shaped my career. After seeing my workshop, people are often surprised to learn that, when I am not working on my next product/company, I am a lawyer and consultant. I earned my J.D. from Santa Clara Law and my MBA from UCLA Anderson. I am licensed to practice law in California and work/live in San Francisco. My legal work focuses on advising investors, startups and small businesses –from entity formation, funding issues, and risk mitigation to myriad business contracts, real property leases and general business matters. I also provide management consulting for small businesses and growing startup clients, offering clients a rare perspective combining my training and education with my personal, real-world experiences and solutions from founding and bootstrapping my own startups.

I am looking to meet passionate, creative, and ambitious people to join in pursuit of changing part of the world as we know it, through product, design and action. I am open to any possibility, whether that means co-founding/joining the right team/company/product or finding the right co-founders/team to run with some of my projects or any combination thereof.


UCLA Anderson School of Management


2015 - 2015

Santa Clara University School of Law

Law - JD - Juris Doctor

2010 - 2010

Loyola Marymount University

BA Psychology

2004 - 2004


Member of the California Bar