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Nick Gluzdov

Programmer, Engineer, Operations Specialist

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US


Startup Experience

First time founder

About Nick

My background is in web technology and UI/X design, dating back to 1994.

Currently, I help run a software/web engineering company, which excels in front-end development / UI engineering (andĀ boasts an impressive portfolio). We build SaaS products, deliver enterprise quality code, borrowing much of our process from Agile methodology. The UI code we write is modern, lightweight, high-performance, responsive and progressively-enhanced user interfaces and single-page applications. We test and integrate. We are back-end agnostic: build on a variety of technology platforms.

Our expertise also includes Node.js (over 6000 hours), Ruby on Rails (over 4000 hours), DevOps, QA and mobile development (both iOS native and hybrid), CMS (WordPress, Drupal) continuous integration and test automation. Our clients are UI/X agencies, product, and solutions companies, and include Fortune 500 companies.

I am interested in exploring three types of opportunities:

1. Part-time CTO or advisor role in a startup - to provide help with technology and operations mapping.

2. Partnering up with a highly connected business advisor to help with getting more mature clients.

3. New project or staff augmentation opportunities for the company.


The greatest tragedy of mankind is people who have opinions about themselves or others, that are in their head, that are wrong. - Ray Dalio


St Petersburg State Academia of Design

Conextual Design

2014 - 2014