Nick Long

Columbus, Ohio, US

Nick's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Nick

Hi, I'm Nick. I'm very passionate person who is actively working ona startup concept. My background is very diverse with consulting, training, HR, and business, and have worked with many companies from small to large corporations. Unrelated to my professional experience, I've also designed/developed websites as side projects, HTML, CSS, PHP, etc. I'm also in the early stages of learning programming.

I'm looking for someone who shares the same enthusiasm in creating a tech company, as well as the path that it will take us. I want to create a company that has a positive work environment while we disrupt the current market.

I'm very driven, full of energy, and a very hard worker. I would expect the same with anyone who I work with.

I'm always open to having a conversation, so feel free to contact me.


Bowling Green State University

Environmental Health

2007 - 2007