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Denpasar, Indonesia

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I'm currently working on and am looking or a close to full time CTO. We are a team of 3 where I am currently in charge of overall development direction/marketing/some coding but really need a skilled Ruby on Rails developer who can take full lead on the development. We have hired a local (Indonesia) Rails developer who is helping out with 10 hours a week.

I have been working in the Internet Marketing space since 2000 and currently live on Bali in a startup co-working and co-living space called where I also act as manager. I am available full time for Magloft and would ideally hope to find someone who is passionate about our project who can also put in close to if not full time to really kick this off!

Magloft is a digital magazine publishing platform and we have created a drag and drop HTML5 editor to help customers create their magazine content. I wrote the first line of code in June 2013 and today we are profitable with paying customers.

Magloft uses the following technologies:
- Heroku
- Google Cloud
- CloudFlare
- Ruby 2
- Rails 4
- Amazon S3
- FastSpring
- HTML5/CSS3/Coffee/
- AngularJS

Some of the main gems that we use:
- ActiveAdmin
- CarrierWave
- Sidekiq
- Paperclip
- Aws-sdk
- Devise
- Cancan
- Omniauth
- Formtastic

The digital magazine publishing space is booming and we want Magloft to be what the Wordpress platform is for Bloggers. We offer an very affordable solution for regular content producers to get their content on a native iOS magazine application. We are not another browser based publication provider but offer our clients a web based solution to push their content onto mobile devices.

Privately I love playing golf and have been playing for 20 years. I love beaches and surfing even though I'm not that good at it :) For some reason Starcraft II is also on my list of enjoyable things to do :) But most importantly I love being able to work on Internet projects when and where I chose and to live the life of an entrepreneur. I'm really hoping to be able to connect with someone who feels the same way.

More details about Magloft can be shared over Skype :)

Good luck!


Copenhagen Business School

MSc Candidate

2007 - 2007