Nickesh Viswanathan

Burlingame, California, US

Nickesh's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Nickesh

I'm the CEO and Co-Founder of Parkify, and I'm looking for someont to be a part of the team that’s revolutionizing the parking industry. Our goal is to leverage the millions of parking spaces that go unused everyday through an online and mobile platform. Parkify listers can make money off unused parking, and drivers can reserve guaranteed parking on our app so they never have to circle the block wasting time and gas. Once you start working here, you’ll get addicted to using Parkify when you’re on the go!

We are a team of young entrepreneurs and software developers out of UC Berkeley looking for a technical co-founder to bring experience and knowledge. The culture at Parkify requires dedication and commitment. We encourage our team to keep learning while they work, no matter what age they are. The Parkify team is tight-knit: we communicate every day, but we also make sure meetings never get in the way of productivity. At the end of the day, we know we’re building a cool product that people will love using, and that motivates us to build the best user experience possible.

You must be passionate about developing web applications and writing clean and efficient code that you take pride in showing off. You have a mind for both product and user experience, have great communication skills, and enjoy working with a aggressive development team. You are a generalist who learns quickly and who can easily adapt to a wide variety of programming challenges. You either have experience with or you are excited to learn about every piece of our stack:
• Web Server: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL
• Web Frontend: HTML, CSS, Javascript
• Mobile Client: iOS, Android