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Bengaluru, India

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Business Development
Product Management

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About Nickton

I'm basically from the Engineering background in terms of education, but my
passion and interests have led me to my startup that's totally different.

I founded my startup which basically is a venture that is into creating Advertising content such as Photo-Ads, Ad-Films, Animation & Graphic Design. All these are inter-related on "CREATIVITY" and hence we are a 1-Stop-Solution. Basically through my startup I'm intending to create an Advertising Ecosystem that's going to benefit Startups, SMEs, etc. by offering Quality Content but still at Economical rates. I've tried and tested my services on a pilot basis and it has a lot of future to grow.
Currently operating from Goa and I as of now I need a Co-Founder (Female/Male) who'd be sharing the work load either in the technical aspects or business management before we go completely operational. What aspects of work load will be shared, shall be decided later as per mutual consideration.

What am I looking for in a Co-Founder?
I need a person or two, guy or girl doesn't matter, who are serious about this, fun loving persons since this field is all about vibrance, your skills matter more than your qualification in some cases, but most importantly must be self-motivated, able to risk time and say LET'S TRY IT OUT.

Connect with me if you feel you fit in the spot and we'll discuss beyond this.

P.S.: We're a women and age friendly venture. So please note that gender and age, NO BAR!