Nico Poropat

Zagreb, Croatia

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Business Development
Product Management
User Experience

About Nico

I was working on my own project of a mobile payments app that doesn't require the Near Field Contact technology, bringing it to the hospitality sector as fast as possible. Was working personally on the UX and part of UI design, logo creation and all the functionalities. Found programmers willing to be cofounders, passed the business development part by setting a deal for cooperation with a POS software company containing over 1000 caffe bars and restaurants in their system, and have experience through negotiating with various payment gateways throughout the world.

I am also a cofounder of an influencer marketing agency along with a friend of mine who is a CEO of an Android consultancy firm, as well as an Android programmer. We are building a cool app out of it! Speaking of that, I have knowledge of the basics in Java and am in the process of learning Android development.

I have a new project getting off the ground and am looking for a technical cofounder with expertise in PHP. It's about a foodie app whose vision is to take care of your complete nutrition by planning it and delivering groceries to your doorstep. There is so much more about it, and would like to discuss it with you through a Skype call, if you thing you got what we're looking for. I've been coordinating the whole team during this process, we have finished the incubation process and are getting traction on social media. Our model is ultimately about cooperating with big grocery retailers. I am responsible for strategic positioning and targeting of users, building the vision of the startup, team motivation, and business development.

I'm very interested in the emerging new technologies and the new exciting things that can be created with them. I'm open for discussing new ideas that could potentially make the world a better place, but am also open to those that could be the next big hype, so we could create a great new company together. Let me know if you're interested!



Zagreb University

B. E.

2013 - 2016


Organizational Behaviour and Interantional Leadership

Bocconi University


CoreHub Incubator Zagreb