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My name is Nicolas and I'm French. I launched few weeks a ago a website where you can send your resume (or CV) to 100 companies in some of the most beautiful corners of the world (New York, Sydney, Paris, Buenos Aires and few others cities).
When I was student my goal was to find an intershnip in a great city. It was very difficult and I had to pay 800$ to a company to find me a guarentee intershnip in Barcelona. There is a lot of companies like this and it's very expensive.

With my website you can find a job or an internship by yourself. It's not guarentee, but it's way cheaper. You can send your resume and an email to 100 companies in the cities of your choice (12 today : New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Berlin, Barcelona..) for only 19.99$. It's a new way to find a job, and it's fast. You don't have to send your resume one by one and find 100 contacts. Companies won't see you sent your resume by the website and they will contact you by email or by phone.

The target :
- People who wants to work overseas (and there are many)
- Students who wants to find an internship in an other country.
example : An american student = Internship in Barcelona
A french young man = A job for one year in Sydney
... It's important to analyse what countries have the best potentiel. (Indians = Dubai ?, Englishs = Spain ?)

So I already paid 7 000 $ for this project (a web agency because it's a specific website, a lawyer, pictures, someone in India to collect data) and there is already few conversions but I don't have the time to do more.

I believe in this project and I need a business partner to work on it and increase sales. I don't have any countries criterias because it's an online project. I'm looking for someone who think there is a good potential, marketing skills, motivation, a good english (as you can see mine is not perfect) and have already ideas or a plan to developp the project.

The deal is : The website is ready, I invested money and I worked on it during 6 months. My first goal is to get 10 conversions / day, then 20/day within fews weeks. I need someone to work on it to reach these goals.

One month trial : You get 50% of each conversions during this month.
At the end of the month if we enjoyed to work together, we could make a "cofounder partnership" (a legal contract)
I think it's a good deal because you don't have to invest money, just you time and your skills.

You can't take a look to the website :