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C2C web classifieds and marketplaces for second hand goods are facing a revolution. aspires to play a role in this change: It will be a social market place for passionate people and communities of fans. As a first step into the market, Heappi will address a market niche in the cultural goods: games, videogames, role games, movies, and possibly music.

Business developer/founder: Witness and key player in the growth of LEOSPHERE (ecotech startup from 3 to 140 employees in 10 years). More than 8 year experience positions in finance, marketing, communication and business development. Currently learning again technical skills @ leWagon with the Webdesignexpress training.

We are looking for a talented, trustful and experienced full stack developer that shall lead the main aspects of the development of (see details below). Whether you would like to work with us as a freelancer, or as a co-founder, or any other solution you might think relevant, we are open mind to find the best way to start working together. It all starts with a genuine willingness to work together.


SUDRIA engineering school and Dauphone master business alumni

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