New York, New York, US

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Business Development
Product Management

About Nicole

Hello my name is Nicole, I am a Columbia University alumni, with extensive skills in marketing and creative business development. I am the founder of an online platform delivery service company.

It is a start-up company created for the beauty service industry. As of now, we are working out of Germany and New York, and are flexible with finding a developer in either one of these locations.

We are now in the process of creating the online platform for the company and mobile app to pair with it.

Where we are at now?

We have drafted a business plan and analyzed our market extensively and have a small team composed of excellent well established: legal advisors, a business developer, and marketers. We are currently working on the front-end design of the online platform.

We would like to meet with potential strong web developers now to add to our team, possibly as a co-founder or first employee. Below are the general skills and needs we have the need for:

Developer proficiencies:
- Front end web development: JavaScript essential
- Back end: any programming language
- When possible, should also have experience in user interface design and UX (user experience in web applications)
- Should also have experience in (or be willing to independently learn) mobile applications. We will eventually have accompanying mobile app
- Strong in any data management programs?
- Strong and familiar with CRM software implementation?


Columbia University

Liberal Arts

2011 - 2011

UC Berkeley

Liberal Arts

2009 - 2009