Nicole Thomas

Los Angeles, California, US

Nicole's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Nicole

I have a great product idea that would help women organize their travel and gym bags. I am looking for a partner that has pervious start-up experience and understands e-commerce marketing. It's a great idea that is generating a lot of interest and I'm looking for a partner to act as a CTO/Cofounder for an equal equity stake in this start-up.

Knowing that there is too much work for one person to do it all, I'm looking for a partnering developer who can take my ideas, suggest technical improvements, and implement the synergistic results. I enjoy interacting with highly technical people and totally respect where they are coming from since we usually share common backgrounds and interests.

The person I'm looking for has the skills and ability to take charge of the technical aspects of the project - a true CTO type person. I want to participate in the technical side of things, but need to focus most of my attention on building the business and interacting with the users and customer base to make sure that we build the right thing.

Great ideas sometimes come from unexpected directions, so I'm a very open minded individual who is willing to explore options.

Making a ton of money would be very cool (and is one of my goals), but I realistically know that I'm just as likely to end up doing what I really love while making a better than average income with a probability of significant passive income down the road. After all, life is for living and I don't believe that these things are mutually exclusive.

I'd love to chat with you if you have some or all of what I'm looking for and you like what I'm talking about.


California State University Northridge

Master in Business Administration

2015 - 2015