Nigel Kelly

New York, New York, US

Nigel's Skills
Product Management

About Nigel

Jotteq makes hi-tech, low cost, eye drop dispensers, ideally suited to delivering the micro drops which the medical community has long been demanding (Jot delivers 10ul; current drops are 23ul - 75ul). Our horizontal delivery method is very user-friendly, and has been warmly received by consumers and physicians. Jotteq has strategic alliances with drug manufacturers and product marketers/distributors, and is ready to build our first products.

Nigel Kelly (Jotteq's founder) is a serial inventor and entrepreneur. He stared out as a fully skilled toolmaker, and then moved into Design and Production management. He went on to run R&D, Design, Engineering, Quality, Purchasing, and Sales/Marketing departments. He founded a company in metal finishing technology, which he sold prior to emigrating to the US in 1993.

Jotteq now seeks a co-founder with financial expertise and a solid track record for raising seed capital.