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London, United Kingdom

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Hi There

Over the last eight years I have been working in consulting, for Accenture/Microsoft and now Hitachi implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX across a variety of clients/markets/industries. Prior to that I was completing my studies at Exeter and then Warwick. But I have recently decided to step away and look at other opportunities.

ERP software typically underpins the whole business process. For example in a store the system would help tell you how much stock you have, take payment from a customer for the purchase of an item, tell you how much money you are making, how many employees you have amongst a host of other things. My role typically has been demonstrating and selling a solution to a client prior to then soliciting and understanding their business requirements and helping translate these into a viable system design. This is done with the support of a small team which I lead or work with.

I have been validating a number of business ideas and have identified a front runner in the recruitment space and I am interested in hearing from people who are interested in perusing something on their own or people who have an idea and would like someone to join them on the journey. My preference would be to find someone who is has a good first degree / MBA / Masters together with development experience covering mobile and/or web. The key characteristics from the person would be an individual who doesn't have an ego, is open to criticism and willing to rise up to a challenge (i.e. you don't have to be a full stack developer providing you feel you can rise up to the challenge) as these are factors I think are critical when you are doing something on your own. I am also open to meeting anyone who doesn't have the technical experience but potentially is just a good fit!

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