Nik White

Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Founder of TalentMob - a social talent show in your hands
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Does buying candy at Costco and selling it to my classmates for a markup in junior high count as a startup? No? Then yes, this is "technically" my first startup. :) But as a former tournament poker professional for several years, I've turned many losing hands into winning ones. I'm finding that skill set translates well to business, just takes a bit longer to collect the chips.

I've spent the last 2 1/2 years designing, iterating and grinding out an app that I'd describe as a talent show in your pants called TalentMob. I've tested it anonymously at on 150+ testers and after some iterations, the response has been ultimately positive, with 53% of testers in my target demographic (18-21) and 27% across all demographics, saying they would definitely use it. (Another 21% said they would probably use it.) And based on similar apps out there (, I think that number goes up when you skew younger.

I've also reached out to some social media stars/influencers with millions of fans on competing platforms ( and they're excited to jump on board to help market it when there's something available.

The MVP is about halfway finished, outsourcing to overseas developers, so now I'm ready to find a talented tech co-founder to finish it up and take it to the next level.


Just do it. - Nike

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