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Kings County, New York, US

Creating the Future, one Mind at a Time
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About Nikki

I believe in big dreams, and backwards planning.

One day, I will operate a premier educational institution that will grow the kindest and brightest global citizens from the moment they step foot on campus.

But before that, I will have an educational non-profit. And before I can afford to do that, a profitable business first.

I'm already running the business, but it's time to grow. I'm an educational expert, but I need people who believe in the value of teaching youth and also are experts at sales and marketing, so that we can boom!

What does Student Coaching Services do?

Currently, we provide the best in individualized academic coaching, college planning, and tutoring. My target market is upper-middle class and higher families with students who need a boost.

The next phase of expansion will see me taking the back burner and just managing instead of working directly with students. I want to contract coaches, tutors, consultants, financial planners, etc, to form a full-service company that is committed to supporting all facets of a student's educational experience.

These services are in very high demand, and the profit margin is incredible since expenses are so low - wages and marketing are pretty much it!

I'm seeking partners who share my vision of changing the world, one student at a time. Our goals are to mold our students into intellectual, confident, community-minded, driven, and self-sufficient young adults.

Finding high-quality mentors and teachers for these students will be easy - there is soon to be a boom of retiring teachers and other educational professionals in need of supplemental income. By primarily teaching online, we can recruit top educators from around the country, and by limiting their students (and therefore hours) they can focus more of their attention on each individual.

All we need is to get the right team together, and get the word out.

Are you with me?

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Student Coaching Services

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