Nima Alibabaei

Toronto, Canada

Founder & CEO
Nima's Skills
Energy & the Environment
Energy Conservation
Residential Buildings
Greenhouse Gas
Energy Efficiency
Clean Technology
Clean Tech
HVAC Controls

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Nima

Our start up company is an Ontario based start-up, developing advanced and innovative cloud-based HVAC controllers as a SaaS technology to better control home heating and cooling systems, supporting Ontario’s government for achieving its ambitious greenhouse gas reduction target plan.

About the Co-founder's job description:
• Interested in start-up and entrepreneurship ventures
• Developing read/write web APIs for data transferring between a cloud server and Wi-Fi connected home thermostats
• Website development
• Setting up a web server to automate data read
• Setting up a general graphing library to visualize data read/write
• SQL/setting up a time-series database
• Moving MATLAB code to a Linux platform
• Creative and be able to solve the technical problems through negotiation with thermostat's manufacturers

Job Type: Part-time, looking for a team member to develop the start-up company team

Work Experience


BKR Energy

April 2016 - Today


Ryerson University


2012 - 2017




Clean Energy Zone (CUE)