Nir Tuv

Vancouver, Canada

Nir's Skills
Product Management

About Nir

I like to describe myself as an Entrepreneurship Instigator. As such I would like to help startup companies grow their business and in the process grow my skills and experience.

What I offer is a rare quality of getting things done. I started 2 professional groups in my community and I volunteer with an active angel network in Vancouver called VANTEC, where I consult the entrepreneurs about how to pitch their companies to investors. In addition I am helping an internet startup company raise funds and connected them with several investors. I have good sales skills, a strong strategic understanding in business, good marketing skills (that I am growing at the moment), and good connections. On top of all that I have strong communications skills, which complement my strong people skills ( I guess you can say that I am a people lover).

If you ask people who know me to describe me in one sentence, 2 character traits will come up most often: 1. Passionate and intese, and 2. Gets things done!

I am looking for an environment of entrepreneurs who can teach me more about entrepreneurship, business, marketing, product development and the internet/SaaS/mobile apps businesses in general. More specifically, I am looking for a marketing role involving Internet marketing and social media marketing. And I can also contribute in any other business related role: marketing, customer service, investor relations, business development and more.