Niral JP

London, United Kingdom

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About Niral

I have a degree in aeronautical engineering, but have been working in sales and marketing for the past 3 years. I've run my own business for 2 of these years. I'm a quick learner, enthusiastic about new projects and dedicated to seeing them succeed. I've been great at identifying problems, overseeing product development, finding initial marketing channels and creating business systems. I'm mostly goal driven and start everything with the end in mind - my goal for this business is exit through acquisition within 5-7 years. That said, I believe its important to keep an open mind.

I'm an avid reader, mostly business books, and I'd expect my cofounder to be equally interested in learning and continuous improvement.

My area of not-so expertise is in programming, whilst I have the technical understanding, I cannot code. So the ideal cofounder would be someone who identifies as a hacker. Someone with extensive software engineering knowledge (it may not be realised yet) who can produce a technical solution and understand the business of startups. Ideally, we'd identify a problem, find a solution and I would find customers whilst my cofounder built a prototype.

I believe its not about creating something flawless the first time round, I believe in listening to customers and looking at their feedback to drive design and product decisions. If you've read Lean Startup or 7 Day Startup - you'll understand what I mean.

I'm open minded with regards to specific programming languages (that would be your decision to make) and experience, I think the important thing is we can work together and get things done!

One important characteristic is the ability to know when your "in over your head" and reach out for help.

If you have a product but you're not sure on how to get it to market or if your looking for a product to work on - lets talk.


Loughborough University

Aeronautical Engineering

2012 - 2012