Nirozen Thavarajah

London, United Kingdom

Nirozen's Skills
Product Management

About Nirozen

Nirozen is the founder and CEO of One Time Twice, a full service digital content agency designed for next generation marketing.

We fuse content strategy, creativity and technology to enable brands to become always-on publishers in a customer-centric digital world

Video is our focal point - it is the most emotive, most visible and most responsive content format available to brands on any digital or mobile channel and as if that wasn't enough video is also the fastest growing advertising medium ever.

Shoppable Video is an online video player that allows audiences to shop products whilst watching videos. You might have heard Shoppable Video's equivalant name, Video Commerce.

Video marketers have long since played around with product video platforms but video providers have since not all been able to unlock the scale of revenue that putting products alongside video uninterupted can provide.

Nirozen is a filmmaker and entrepreneur who has worked in advertising for the past 5 years on both the agency and production side.

He is looking for a computer engineer with knowledge of Javascript, HTML5, CSS and video production.