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About Nitin

We are a team of 5, based in Mumbai; working on a venture in the Healthcare industry. Looking to fill in the position for a like minded and a passionate Software Engineer in the team.

Team Intro:
• The Idea Man: A Chemical Engineer who is habitual to conceptualising possible technical solutions that could simplify day-to-day life for the masses. He has already launched and is successfully operating his maiden venture since more than 5 years (which is completely different from this idea).
• The Team Builder: A Chartered Accountant with 8 years of experience in different areas of corporate finance, including but not limited to conducting business valuations for VC’s and PE’s in new age technology companies.
• The Marketer: A Gentleman with more than 16 years of marketing experience in the target industry. A man who is working day and night, just to make sure that our marketing strategies are in place even before the product comes on the shelf.
• The Law Man: A Consultant with more than 8 years of experience in VC, Startup, IT companies. This man is making sure that we plan our game keeping all the judicial boundaries in mind.
• The Tech Mentor: In addition to the core team members, we have a brilliant support from a tech mentor, who has over 15 years of extensive experience of being a pioneer of a successful IT company in India.
• The Passionate Techie: Someone who would like to explore his passion for technology and is willing to invest his Time, Intelligence and Experience to build path breaking product. If you think this suits your expectations than YOU can fill in this position!!

Project Progress:
• Over a period of 9 months since the conceptualization of the idea, the same has now been converted into a complete prototype product.
• We have discussed the idea with carefully chosen lot of prospective customers to evaluate their expectations and seek their feedback. The idea is simple - know your customer expectations before investing in building the product.
• We are ready to enter the product development stage. We are open to the idea of outsourcing the initial product development to a third party. We are already in discussion with few product development companies who can build the minimum viable product (MVP) which can enter the market.
• Funds for developing the initial MVP have been arranged, with sufficient margin of safety.

What exactly are we looking for from “The Techie” !!

If you are passionate about technology, coding and people, are entrepreneurial and ambitious and firmly believe that you can make a strong impact with your technical experience on millions of people, we would like to meet you.

• Initial MVP development might take about 4 months and that’s the opportunity cost at risk for you.
• Open for discussion - Sweat Equity and Proportional Cash component


Mumbai University

Chemical Engineering

2016 - 2016


Passed CFA Level 2


Passed FRM Level 1