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Kings County, United States
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Business Strategy, Change Management, Customer Experience Management, Exceeding Customer Expectations, Customer Experience Improvement, Customer Experience Transformation, Customer Experience Design, Customer Experience, Customer Experience Consulting, High Profile Projects, Socioeconomics, Strategic Human Resources Leadership, Human Behavior, Workplace Solutions, Workplace Relations, Workplace Coaching, Workplace Culture, Opportunity Identification, Corporate Storytelling, Storylines, Storytelling, Guest Service Management, Hospitality, Guest Satisfaction, Guerrilla Marketing, Messaging, Brand Development Strategy, Brand Strategy, Product Concept, Product Conception, Business Development, Design, Technical, Fundraising, Management, Marketing, Operations, Product Management, Sales, Strategy, User Experience, Public Relations, Growth
About is a patented "glassdoor on steroids" that allows teams to verify each other using "team security questions" — resulting in 100% anonymous truth-to-power without fear of retribution for the first time ever. (07.2021 — launching shortly) *we are in direct contact w/ the leadership of new Amazon union waiting to direct 1.5 million US workers to our product. ( DECK:

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