Nolan Clemmons

Dallas, Texas, US

Nolan's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Nolan

Wufasta is a media platform for video games that connects brands with players in fun & exciting ways. It provides an alternative source of revenue for game developers that does not force them to sabotage their game with banners or popup. By only serving content that is germane and aesthetically correct, Wufasta avoids alienating players from brands.

Multiple brands & agencies have expressed interest, and we are partnered with several game studios for the pilot launch. In order to progress further as a business, the platform must be developed.

I'm building a core founding team of designers, engineers, and business developers. Familiarity with either video games, brand marketing, or advertising is preferred. I believe that "done is better than perfect", which means that there will be many changes after the initial launch.


Texas Tech University

EE (did not graduate)

2013 - 2013