Noman Ahmed

Brussels, Belgium

Bus Developer, Product Manager, Engineering
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About Noman

In 2014 I founded Solve-ICT, a company focusing on technology and business process outsourcing needs in the European market

Begining 2016 I Co-Founded TalkingDots ( TalkingDots produces temperature and humidity measurement sensors for concrete floors.

I am founder of SmartEnds ( SmartEnds provides monitoring solutions using IoT (Internet of Things) technology. Our wireless low power sensors remotely register parameters such as temperature, humidity, position, noise, vibration, movement, and location in all environments. The data is stored in our SmartEnds online cloud platform. Our customers can log on to the platform to perform quality control and to optimize their business processes. Our sensors are small (approx. 8 x 6 x 4 cm), easy to attach to a variety of surfaces or integrate into solid structures. Thanks to low power technology (LoRAWAN, SigFox, NB-IoT) our sensors have a longevity of 3 to 5 years, depending upon the application. SmartEnds offers end-to-end solutions: sensors, network infrastructure and a cloud platform. We develop our hardware and software in house, naturally, complying with industry standards.

What makes us at SmartEnds unique? We produce customized and productized sensors at a cost-effective price. On top of that our team consists of professionals with experience in telecom vendor companies and academia. We combine a deep knowledge of embedded hardware and low power wireless technologies with years of expertise in developing scalable online cloud platforms.


Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream, Discover. - Mark Twain

Work Experience

Network Consulting Engineer

Cisco Systems

September 2011 - May 2016

Responsible for implementing, validating, deploying and supporting customized software for Cisco's full range of Cable Gateway products (Docsis 3.0 and Docsis 3.1 based) for the customers from EMEA region. Key Contributions:  Software Release management: Planning, managing and releasing customer specific software releases for Cisco Cable Gateway products according to customer requirements.  4th level customer support: Reproducing reported field issues in lab, reporting and tracking these issues in bug tracking system (Test track), direct the development engineers to fix these issues and provide solutions to customers.  Assisting cross functional team and third parties: Collaboration with cross functional teams and involved third parties (chipset vendors Broadcom, Intel etc.) to troubleshoot and address reported field issues.  On-site support: Occasionally providing onsite support to customers to fix critical issues.  Hands-on Expertise: Acquired hands on expertise with DOCSIS 2.0/3.0/3.1, 802.11ac/a/b/g/n/e, Voice over IP (SIP and MGCP), Packet Cable, CMTS (UBR10K), HFC Network and SNMP, WiFi/Radius architecture, provisioning systems, TFTP.

QA and Customer Care Engineer


January 2010 - August 2011

Provided comprehensive remote and onsite support for domestic and international customers including British Telecom, O2UK, Telecom Italia, Bouygues Telecom and Verizon Wireless for Wi-Fi related issues of Technicolor’s IP gateway product lines. Key Contributions:  Involved in defining, execution and validation of test plans and FQTs for Technicolor gateways according to the customer requirements.  Hands-on experience with Technicolor’s gateways, test equipment (Spirent test center, Chariot, Wireshark, Omni peek etc. ) and Wi-Fi testing environment and tools (Spectrum analyzers, Anechoic chambers, RF testing, Wi-Spy, Anritsu Wifi tester etc. ).  Skilled at wireless configuration and testing (Performance, Interoperability 802.11a/b/g/n/e, range, throughput, conducted and radiated transmit power, noise immunity, spectral mask, channel selection, beacon spacing, WMM, WDS, security, access control, WLAN standards, regulatory tests etc.).  Expertise in testing and configuration of Quality of Service (QoS) over WLAN, ATM and IP.  Wi-Fi customer support during acceptance and after deployment for Technicolor’s product lines for British Telecom, Bouygues Telecom, Telecom Italia, Verizon Wireless and O2 UK.  Collaborated with Wi-Fi chipset vendors (Broadcomm, Atheros etc.) to fix advanced Wi-Fi functionalities according to the requirements of different customers. Topics include auto channel selection (ACS), Adjacent channel interference (ACI), 802.11 MIMO modes etc.  Complete product validation for O2 Wireless Box and BT Hub2. That includes TR-069, CWMP, wireless, Ethernet, ADSL, USB, UMTS, DNS, DHCP, UPnP, QoS etc.

Wireless Systems Engineer


January 2008 - December 2009

As part of the wireless functionality team involved in developing and simulating the future generation green radios based on IMEC’s software defined radio (SDR) platform. Extensive research work and collaboration with world leaders in wireless technologies (Panasonic and Samsung) related to cognitive radios, seamless connectivity, reconfigurable radio platform and spectrum sensing. Key Contributions:  In-depth knowledge of 802.11, 802.16, 802.21, 3GPP LTE and 1900.4 standards and their amendments  Good understanding of media access control (MAC) and physical layer (PHY) of various wireless technologies  Expertise in cross layer (XL) optimization of wireless standards  Expertise in WLAN – WiMAX and WLAN - 3GPP LTE vertical handover using IEEE 802.21 media independent handover (MIH)  Expert of network simulator NS-2 (MAC and PHY layers) for wireless standards in simulation and emulation modes  NS-2 Implementations and simulations: Link adaptation, wireless channel model, mobile handset energy model, vertical and horizontal handover, QoS scheduling, WLAN, WiMAX, UMTS and 3GPP LTE standards.  Expertise in baseband simulations of TX and RX chains of WLAN and WiMAX  Expertise in DCF, PCF and HCF flavors of WLAN  Expertise in QoS enabled HCCA and EDCA WLAN networks  Acquired excellent communication, presentation and writing skills  Understanding of system topologies and air interface parameters of CDMA, OFDMA, WLAN, WiMAX and UMTS technologies  Comprehensive understanding of RF channel environment (fast fading, slow fading, time dispersion, scattering etc)  Expertise in mobile WiMAX (802.16e) channel estimation and equalization  Expertise in OFDM receiver synchronization (acquisition and tracking)

Principal Consultant In-Home Engineering


June 2016 - Today

Responsible for implementing, validating, deploying and supporting customized software for Telenet's full range of Cable Gateway products. Leading a team of QA and test engineers to ensure deployment of good quality products. Interface of Telenet towards chipset manufacturers and suppliers.


Universite Catholique De Louvain

M.Sc. Engineering

2005 - 2007


Certified Scrum Master

Scrum Allaince

Co-working Space

Factory Forty Brussels

2016 - Today