OB Ajayi

Arlington, Texas, US

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Setting up and building up a business are two incredibly different areas in the life cycle of any business. At this point, we are glad to say that we have completed the first phase of building an online multi-digital media TV platform. Its also been tested, and everything looks really great thus far, but of course, the platform (the demo) still requires some upgrades for us to go viral.

The said creation is called "SUMTV", a new technology that has not existed until now, and we want to be the first to capitalize on a niche market created as a result. S-U-M-TV is a short form of Stand-Up Media TV, which can now replace ALL Cable TVs, as we can make all TV channels & networks viewable WORLDWIDE and WITHOUT any cable wire or wired access, ALL for FREE. All you need is a cellphone, Wi-Fi or Internet access/connection. We have developed SUMTV as the world's first multi-channeled live-streaming TV network of 1000s of internet TV Channels accessible free to everyone, downloadable by a widget / app to mobile devices, all websites, and Facebook.

Its been assessed as a multi-billion dollar development, we are still undergoing re-tooling with the capacity to translate into 100s of languages instantly in the comfort of our viewers' homes and while on the roads anywhere in the world. Thankfully, we have now started to gain more traction, the latest being that we shall soon be collaborating with another online platform that has indicated its readiness and willingness to take our concept worldwide to up to 142-million homes across the globe. You may check us out at http://www.sumtv.tv/ or visit us at http://standupinternational.com/.

My educational background is in Accounting. I'm a Marketing Consultant, Tax Resolution Agent, Business Developer, as well as an up-and-coming Serial Entrepreneur with 18-years of experience in business management.

We are looking for funding and technical support. We need Debt or Equity Finance in the amount of USD$250,000; since our project is scalable, we believe we can get started with USD$70,000 and consequently generate enough revenue to cover the rest as we go down the line. If you are an expert as a legal counsel in media and entertainment, equity or debt fund source, as well as a programmer with specialty in e-commerce, PLEASE contact me asap, we would love to hear from you TODAY!

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And, IF you don't, well, ...you will get to hear the "breaking news" about this project tomorrow, and by then, it might have been too late. Remember Facebook, Uber, Dell, etc., many people didn't take these guys seriously until they became problem-solving machines for other people and businesses worldwide. Right? Yeah, this fits into that category like a glove!


School of Management Studies, FPI, Ogun State, Nigeria


1998 - 1998

The University of Texas at Arlington

Finance & Accounting (21-Credit Hour Program)

2002 - 2002

Western Governors University

Management and Leadership

2016 - 2016


Microsoft Certified IT Professional

Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 Project Series

Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 Financials