Ofor Okoye

Lagos, Nigeria

Founder & CEO Airconomy Technologies Ltd. & Safest Solution Intl. Ltd.
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Business Development

About Ofor

I am did my internship with MRS oil & Gas Ltd in 2004, and after 2 years, I decided to venture into the oil and gas downstream trading which.

I actively traded on buying and selling petroluem products such as petrol, diesel and kerosine, which fleets of trucks thatmade our deliveries all over the country.

However, the 2008 economic downturn affected our finances & business couldnt continue, we decided to venture into safety equipment supplies for the oil and gas sector. This we did and still brokered trades within the oil and gaseco systems.

Finally, 2016, I decided to come back actively to oil and gas business with how best can I improve on how businesses are done in the industry, which is the biggest industry in Nigeria.

I have decided touse technology to enhance the traditional ways businesses are conducted within the oil and gas industry. That is why I have set up Airconomy Technologies Ltd., which is a SaaS company, which will develop mobile and web solutions to enhance and better the ways oil and gas businesses are conducted. Currently we are developing and on app for the industry.

And we hope to continuously use mobile and web based Technologies to making trades betters in Nigeria, Africa and the world .



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