Oge Akyil

New York, New York, US

Oge's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Oge

I am a former consultant with Bain and the Boston Consulting Group where I consulted for many restaurants and other food service operations. Led marketing and strategy for a social ecommerce startup, and managed Strategy, Operations and Business Development at AOL and CNBC. I have an MBA from Harvard Business School and my undergrad degree in Engineering.

The startup I am currently working on is FoodieForAll.

FoodieForAll selects and delivers meals from your city's top restaurants.

Top restaurants (such as the best fine dining restaurants, the best ethnic restaurants or the most popular spots with long lines) normally don’t deliver because 1) it is difficult to maintain the food quality during delivery 2) they are already at / above capacity during peak hours 3) they don’t want delivery to interfere with their main service 4) they don’t want to hire delivery staff.

With FoodieForAll, individual customers or businesses get popular meals of top restaurants delivered to their homes or offices for weekday lunch or dinners. Restaurants generate extra revenue by preparing these dishes before peak hours, and not interrupting main service. FoodieForAll handles the delivery and guarantees top quality when food is delivered.

I have developed the business plan, built a working prototype and currently testing the product with a small group of paying customers.

I am looking for a rockstar developer who has startup experience who operates in the lean startup philosophy and is looking forward to building something great!


Harvard Business School


2005 - 2005