O'Hara Jiménez

Seattle, Washington, US

Creator of Fireside: A Private Social Network
O'Hara's Skills
Product Management

About O'Hara

My name is O'Hara Jiménez. I was born in Alaska, raised in Seattle. I went to Smith College, worked in Advertising in NYC for 10 years. I have made three humans and one social network called Fireside. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all fantastic tools, with one major weakness: an advertising business-model. Investors don't think of it as a weakness- they are raking in the dough, but users are getting data-drain fatigue. Users are ready for a clean, honest and private alternative. Which is precisely why I created Fireside, a photo and thought sharing social network. The Fireside business model is membership based, an honest exchange of dollars for service: no advertising, no data mining or data tracking. Fireside is an opportunity for people to right the wrongs of accepting friendships from people they hardly know, a place to share life privately with close friends and family without the distraction of ads or the worry of data-mining. For people who want a place to be social privately, Fireside is here.

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Fireside: A Private Social Network

January 2013 - December 2016