Olga Kostrova (LION 10,000+)

San Jose, California, US

Olga's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Olga

Serial entrepreneur, investor, social innovator...
I became successful in very young age, and since then had 100 lives to live...
I had and learned from many careers, businesses, travel and profound life experiences...

In the past few years, after exiting my last startup, and after leaving marketing executive career, I have been providing certain consumer & B2B services (generating VERY healthy revenue) and now want to create a scalable system based on my understanding of the market and its needs. I have a clear vision for the product and marketing. I also have connections with VCs and members of ecosystem (providers). The market is ripe and monetization can happen from day 1.

My main talent is in seeing opportunities everywhere. Some I take on, majority get executed by someone else years later, which validated many business ideas I had in the past. I had to learn patience since I spot them way ahead of it time. In 2003 I launched a virtual co-ideation and co-investing platform, and as we know, equity crowdfunding industry started to ripen only a decade later. Well, now, I just wait for a bit before jumping into development :-)

Some of my startups were more successful, some less, but at the end of the day everybody made money :-) and I have learned a lot about many aspects of running a business and taking my own products to the market...

My strength is in vision, productization of idea, go-to-market, relationship building. My weak spot has always been an absence of technical co-founder. IT teams for hire could do only that much... I hope to find my match :-) and adventuring together in many projects to come...

Personality-wise I am INTP. They say it's 1% of population. I am somewhat eccentric, bold and blunt. You never need to double guess what I think or feel, or what I mean when I speak. If you have unhealthy Ego I will call you on it every time, so you better have your duck together :-) But one thing I can guarantee - engage with me in whatever capacity, and you will become much more conscious, happier and stronger person... I hope you are up for the challenge.

Now, when I completely scared you away... Are you ready to meet and talk turkey? ;-)