Irvine, California, US

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About Oliver

Hello All. For 15 years, I have been an IT Director for several companies in several countries, and I am also extremely technical in all aspects of computers, networking and communications. In 2008, I decided to setup my own business, as the outsourced IT department for SMB 10~100 employee. I also provide consulting and one-time project help for businesses all-sizes.

The company has had as much as 7 employee, and as low as 4. The reason for this is that not only I lack time but most importantly knowledge and experience in business management, sales and marketing aspects, which have been neglected from day one. All our clients have been referrals, which obviously doesn't come at a fast pace or predictable pattern.

Since my childhood, I have had a passion for computers, networking and related technologies. I still spend most of my free time in front of computers, and keep learning every day. I am looking for someone with the same drive and passion in business management, sales & marketing, to take the company to the next level.