Oliver Pérez Camargo

Medellin, Colombia

Oliver's Skills
Product Management

About Oliver

I am a computer engineer with passion for video games and robotics.

From experience I understand the balance between passion (to make cool stuff) and consistency (when things gets tough).

From an early age I have been experimenting with creating games which has been my big passion, so I developed skills in programming, tools for 3D modeling and 2D graphic design.

In college I found my second passion, robotics, unfortunately work and economic limitations prevented me from develop this passion.

Selling is not one of my strongest skills, so if you want to know my talents can look at my personal website:

What interests me most is to find talented and dedicated people who are willing to work hard, leaving the ego aside and using soft skills. For me is more important to learn than to have knowledge. Having a good team I dont care if the idea is mine or from another, I know it can be great.

I want to have fun while doing amazing things that make people exclaim WOW.