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I firmly believe that if we don't solve the problem of online (scientific) misinformation within the next 20 years, humanity won't see the dawn of the next century. It blocks solution-oriented public and political dialogue for many topics critical to our future (i.e climate change, sustainable agriculture, science-based medicine). It even can influence the fate of whole nations.

18 months ago I started to take a stab on the problem with the idea of a plugin, that would show you the accuracy of web content you consume, and an expert score for the people you interact with online.
3 months ago I finished my research on how to generate the necessary data for this plugin become reality.
Now there are 14 people involved in the open-source development and we are about to release our first prototype.
It's a search engine, that allows users to filter out results from custom lists of trusted sources and share those lists with the community. Also it is possible to perform full-text searches through pages visited and bookmarked. Browsing metadata can be voluntarily shared with WorldBrain and is used to develop a scientific quality score for web-sources/content and an expert ranking for users/authors in a particular field. (Pitch Deck: wrldbra.in/WorldBrain-Pitch-Deck)

My goal is to create a company and workplace that runs as effektive, loving, autonomous and mindful as possible.
Our organisational form will be a holacracy (holacracy.org) and our focus is to build a system that benefits everyone contributing to the overall system fairly with a investment form called "Royalty Based Financing".
We are a (for-profit) social enterprise which will be 100% owned by a non-profit foundation. This allows us to become economically independent from outside investors/grants and let stakeholders benefit from the growth.

I am looking for maveric co-founders for the roles of CTO, CFO and CLO that are mindful, possesses high critical thinking skills, can put their egos aside for the sake of the goal and will put impact over profit.
You are prepared to work your next 20 years on this project and beyond, with high risk into uncharted territory - but if we succeed, we will save the world.


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