Omar Mohamed

Cologne, Germany

Senior Android Developer @ RedTecLab GmbH | Freelance | Technical Mentor
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About Omar

Worked in a professional context on the Android Framework since API 14/15+ (Ice Cream Sandwich, Version 4.0+), moving and adapting myself to the most varied situations, having the chance to learn and get the job done in Australia, Spain, Italy, US, Germany and in many different kinds of companies and teams: Big Consulting Companies as Reply, Startups as Eversnap and TripActions, International Companies as Here, improving and making great apps with millions of users.


"If you can dream it, you can do it." - Disney Employee in the 80s (Not Walt Disney!)

Work Experience

Android Expert Mentor


September 2017 - Today

Codementor is the open marketplace for both live 1:1 help and long-term mentorship. I provide live 1:1 help by answering questions and doing code reviews online via screen sharing, video, and text.

Senior Android Developer

RedTecLab GmbH

July 2017 - Today

Mainly re­architecting the Shop­, elaborating and implementing a basic CI/CD infrastructure and preparing testing strategies together with the QA department; working also on always new side­projects using latest cutting­edge technologies as Firebase for Realtime NoSql database, for deep linking, etc.

Freelance Software Developer

Self-Employed Remotely

January 2012 - Today

Working remotely for private clients offering service mainly as Android Developer.

Software Engineer - Android Development

Meelogic Consulting AG

September 2016 - June 2017

Working at our client office, Here ( as Android Developer, hands-on the Here WeGo mobile app used by millions of people. Some of the technologies and methodologies that i use everyday are: ● Issue tracking and bug fixing; ● Development of new features; ● Code reviews; ● Pair programming; ● CI Monitoring; ● Agile Kanban workflow ● Android SDK, Android Studio 2.1.2, targeting API 23 but support down to API 15; ● Gradle and Maven as project build systems; ● Jenkins for Continuous Integration; ● Graphana and Graphite as monitoring tool; ● git as CVS; ● Material Design for UI ● HockayApp for crash monitoring; ● Apptimize for analytics; ● Design Patterns as MVP and MVVM; ● Working on the performance for the large user base (> 31 Million Downloads and an average of 3/4 Million users per month), working on the battery and network performance side.

Android Developer


September 2016 - October 2016

101 builds mobile-first teaching and assessment tools specifically for college STEM courses. Current STEM course tools such as online homework and response clickers poorly utilize technology to engage students in learning by wrapping generic question types (multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, etc) around static textbook content. Instead, we deliver uniquely tailored, touch-based interfaces that create new ways for students to visualize abstract math and science topics during critical problem solving sessions. ● Working as Remote Freelancer on Chem101, the first mobile app created by 101; ● I cooperated temporary with the CTO; ● Creation of a custom and attractive UI built following the Material Design Guidelines ● Working with last cutting-edge libraries as RxJava/RxAndroid, Dagger2, ButterKnife.

Software Analyst

Reply Spa

June 2016 - September 2016

Working as consultant at Reply S.p.a for Systemi s.r.l. on a FCA Project mainly as .NET developer ● MS Server 2008/2012 ● Query and Stored Procedures manipulation with T-SQL ● Visual Studio ● Webforms in C#

Android Developer


February 2016 - April 2016

Working on a contract role as Android Developer for OpenWealth, a digital consultancy company; Our main client, AMP, a financial services company, required to develop a personal banking Android App trying to replicate the same look&feel of their existing iOS application, creating custom views working as member of an agile team.

.NET Engineer

Lion IT

December 2015 - January 2016

.NET consultant role focused on the creation of a C# application for a third-party company. ● WinForm in C# ● Visual Studio 2015 as IDE ● Adobe LiveCycle Designer for PDF templates ● PDF Creation and Processing

Developer Relations Engineer


October 2015 - December 2015

source{d} is a technology-driven product, created by Tyba, addressing the challenges of developer recruitment. Software engineers manage the process of identifying, qualifying and presenting developers across diverse technology backgrounds, from data scientists to junior developers to CTOs. They ensure an extensive technical understanding of client needs and match that with developer fit. They look to understand developers through the code they have written. Therefore they analyze more than 14.4m GitHub projects with 754m code contributions across 4.1M developers.

Android Developer


September 2015 - October 2015

Working as consultant for Blue Reply for Aesys s.r.l. in Turin on task focused on the Mobile Development, deploying application for third-party companies. The main project which i worked on is OBT, a big system used in the Automotive field and created for the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles ( ● Working on the creation of the Android Client; ● Interacting with the IBM Websphere Application Server via XML SOAP requests. ● Using special Motorola Handheld with Barcode reader and related custom internal APIs

Android Developer


November 2014 - February 2015

Working remotely from Italy on projecting, analyze and implement a new Android app that follows the Google Material Design guidelines. The service was designed to meet primarily the needs of business travellers with the recurrent problem of the acquisition and the processing of their receipts collected during the trip. The app also gave the chance to generate automatically trip itinerary getting just basic data as input. ● Asana as project tracking system; ● Slack for meetings; ● BitBucket as repository; ● Git for revision control; ● Crashlytics for bug tracking; ● MixPanel for telemetry; ● for the creation of API mockups to allow me to test the app; ● Dropbox for file sharing; ● Couchbase for mobile NoSQL DB.

Software Engineer Intern


August 2014 - November 2014

Mainly working as Android Developer on the native app of the company based on the acquisition, the collection (with unlimited storage) of photos/videos with acquaintance in shared albums, where anyone could put new media or modify the existing one. ● Creation of premium functionalities of the app used by the photographers of the company in some events, allowing the immediate transfer of the media from a Wifi SD card to the mobile phone and the real time transfer to the shared album, giving the chance to add the company watermark on the fly, tweet the some or all the photos, etc. ● Worked temporary as Web Developer on the company site using technologies as Twitter Bootstrap (for the responsive design), Django, Stripe (for payments), HTML5, JQuery, CSS3. ● SCRUM workflow methodology; ● Trello for sprint planning; ● Crashlytics for bug tracking; ● Mixpanel for telemetry; ● BitBucket as online repository; ● Picasso for image download and gallery managament.


Università degli Studi di Torino

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

2010 - 2015




Intensive English Program Certification

American University in Cairo

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