Omar Norman

New York, New York, US

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Business Development

About Omar

Hi --
I am a real estate veteran (also a member of a short lived start-up yeaaars ago) who is in the initial stages of getting a web app launched. My partner Yasir (back end programmer/engineer) and I have much of the ground work laid.

Our site a transactional real estate site, as well as a 2 sided market place. Our early adopters will be large scale investors (such as the firm I currently work for) that are buying properties in all areas of the country. Our ultimate customers will be mom and pop homes sellers and smaller investors.
Our details of this app almost fully fleshed out: Business Model, Wire Frames, Mock-Ups, as well as Business Logic.

Right now, I am looking for someone with back end programming experience.
I can also use someone with wed development startup experience who can advise on user metrics, split testing, ad words, conversion rate analysis, etc.

I DON'T want to get on an investors watch right now; I am looking for someone willing to boot strap this concept. I'm also not focused on (fully) monetizing immediately, but I am obsessed with user experience, and making people's lives easier.

Lastly, I am serious and determined, and am only looking for the same.