Omer Molad

Recruiting, Marketing, Fundraising

Melbourne, Australia


About Omer

Helping innovative companies hire great people, faster. Co-founder and CEO at Vervoe.

Do you want to hire great people in four days? Do you want to skip screening and hire based on merit, not résumés? Do you want to hire like a master using expert-curated interview scripts?

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Hey there. I'm Omer, the Co-founder and CEO of Vervoe. I'm trying to make hiring better, faster and simpler, based on a community of experts who share their knowledge. I write about it on our blog at

Want to know more? Want to get involved? Want to collaborate? Or just want to chat? I'd love to connect with you so please get in touch. Doing my best.


Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle. - Abraham Lincoln


Helping innovative companies hire great people, faster. Co-founder and CEO at Vervoe.

Work Experience

Co-founder and CEO


December 2016 - Today

Vervoe's automated interviews help innovative startups grow and succeed. We help employers all over the world reduce their reliance on résumés and face to face interviews. With automated interviews you can interview multiple candidates simultaneously and see how they perform in real-world scenarios. You can create your own customized interview scripts or choose one from our library. Each script targets a specific skill, like spreadsheet modelling, or attribute, like enthusiasm, and can include multiple question and answer formats, including file upload and download, video, audio, multiple choice, and more. See completed interviews in four days and score responses to each question. Go to to start a free trial now and hire within minutes. No implementation or training required and no contracts. Any questions? Contact us at