Oryan Wilson

London, United Kingdom

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About Oryan
I tend to devise businesses that disrupt whole industries. In 1999, while I was in USA, my proposal for the grocery industry pricked the Internet bubble - investment advisers looked at it and advised investors to walk away from fourteen new companies in this industry. One by one their lights went out. This was not my intention at all.
In 2004, I gave my proposal for systematically supporting innovators and entrepreneurs to UK prime minister’s office and activity in this sector has now become feverish and global.
I have explored many entrepreneurial avenues and tend to think big because I spent the first sixteen years of my adult life studying and lecturing in Philosophy and trying to solve what I now realise were insoluble problems. I left the academic world to discover the commercial one. I became a business and systems analyst and product design consultant for top companies, and covered a very large range of industries and government departments. On the way, I set up a company and Internet Service at the request of my son – it now has 11,000 users.
All my explorations, experiences, and skill-acquisitions have now led eventually and finally to the one that makes sense of my life – a service that creates ideal online conditions for inventive thought and for its application in the marketplace by entrepreneurial innovators.
I am looking for a co-founder or a team of co-founders who are looking for a big idea with a large addressable market (projected £10.6 billion in 2017).
I have written a very full business plan; I understand the academic publishing industry; I have described the user stories, the sitemap, the wireframes, and the data structure. I now need
• RAD/Agile developer
• a brilliant Art Director to give us an inspiring brand and to design the pixel-perfect pages
• a front-end UI/UX developer to give the user a fantastic experience
• a marketer to enrol 2m academics to choose the Symposium they would like to join.
Once we have achieved this goal the interested backers will invest and the company will grow fast.
Vestd.com is holding 15% of High Rose House equity in escrow for this team so that everything is transparent and we have a happy team. This is the maximum they will allow but it is equivalent to about £150,000 investment in a start-up.
‘Life is a walk in a London fog – you can only see a few yards ahead at a time.’


Life is a walk through fog – you can only see a few yards ahead at a time but the inner eye guides us to the stars. - Oryan